CVIXP, an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) based in Praia, has grown exponentially to become the third largest African IXP. With peak traffic of 10.8 Gbps, CVIXP has become a competitive force in Cape Verde and the sub-Saharan region.

CVIXP, allows global and local networks such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to interconnect directly to exchange Internet traffic.

“We provide a physical access point through which major networks with their own Autonomous System Numbers can connect and exchange traffic. As a neutral IXP, CVIXP allows content to be localised at greatly reduced per-bit delivery costs and offers improved routing efficiency. Its commercial offering features peering Ports of 1G Ethernet and 10G Ethernet, with speeds of 1000Mbps and 10 000Mbps, respectively,” adds Darwin Costa, CVIXP Project Manager.

“With a suite of strategic communications assets on the continent, CVIXP will become the only carrier able to directly connect networks from the Americas and Europe to the third largest platform in Africa. Remote peering services will soon be launched whereby peering ports on CVIXP will be available in other markets,” adds Costa.

He adds that the growth of CVIXP has exceeded even the most optimistic of forecasts. “Our growth is an indication of how ripe the continent is for digital growth.”

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